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Does Your Home Need Roof Ventilation?

You may have a vague understanding of the need for adequate ventilation in your home’s roof. The gable vents, for example, were long considered more of a decoration than a necessary part of the ventilation system essential for the home.

In cooler northern climates, attic air flow doesn’t land on most people’s list of critical requirements. But roof ventilation for southern homes has always been one of the most important parts of cooling and warming the home.

In your home that’s constantly subjected to high temperatures every day for most of the year, your air conditioning struggles without proper roof ventilation. Even in the most demanding conditions, your attic temperature should always maintain 10 to 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature.

If your attic temperature climbs to over 100 degrees or even 150 degrees, that’s a sign your attic desperately needs ventilation. As you can see, roof ventilation for southern homes is essential because in the South, the heat becomes unbearable, and your roof takes the brunt of the heat. We’ll discuss the most important reasons your home needs roof ventilation.

Extending the Life of Your Roof

With adequate roof ventilation, you can expect a cooler home in the summer, and warmer on the cooler days that inevitably come around now and then in the South. With your attic temperature properly regulated, the cooler air filtering through the area takes moisture away from critical areas susceptible to moisture damage like crawl spaces and other areas in the attic, including any stored items there.

With that cooler air circulating, your roof structure also lasts longer because it’s not subjected to super-heated air temperatures and the accompanying moisture-filled humidity.

Roof ventilation systems that follow standards of good design will help eliminate moist, humid air from infiltrating your attic and crawl spaces, and moving the super-heated air to the outdoors. Your home needs to breathe and the best way to make that happen is to prepare your roof and attic areas for the most efficient airflow design possible.

It’s a good idea to have the pros at Southpaw Roofing in Augusta Ga and Charleston SC stop by and help you with expert advice about the best steps to prevent severe damage to your roof and home.

Save Energy and Money

Living in the South has its advantages, and it’s how well you deal with the not-so-pleasant effects of the scorching sun baking the exterior of your home that determine the level of comfort inside.

For example, roof ventilation in Augusta GA is a challenge by any measure, but with careful planning and a good understanding of the requirements to prepare your roof and attic areas for efficient airflow, you will see a reduction in your heating and cooling bills.

As your home reaps the benefits of an efficient roof ventilation system, your air conditioning in the summer and furnace in the winter won’t struggle and run excessively. That leads to energy savings and of course, savings in money, time, and effort in keeping your home comfortable.

As with roof ventilation in Augusta, you can say the same about roof ventilation in Charleston GA, too. One exception is the proximity to the Atlantic ocean. Living on the water is wonderful, but yet again it presents another set of challenges that require knowledge of the environment.

Fortunately, Southpaw Roofing in Augusta GA and Charleston SC is a local company fully prepared to help with any circumstance that requires professional results and flawless advice to guide you to a reasonable and affordable solution.

The Requirements of Adequate Roof Ventilation

If you stand under your roof overhang and look up, look for grates called soffit vents placed strategically in the overhand of your roof. Qualified roofers understand their importance and place them to provide airflow in the attic.

Other vents, called ridge vents, are very common today. They’re inexpensive and provide a continuous vent at the roof’s peak. Ridge vents provide easy access for airflow and contribute to roof ventilation in Augusta GA homes.

Homes with gable vents help with airflow throughout the attic because both ends of the roof open into the attic area. But it’s essential to consider how well air moves through the area as it circulates and tries to keep the airflow uniform and beneficial to your home.

Roof ventilation in Charleston GA, as well as areas along the Atlantic coast, have special considerations with airflow and protection from the elements. The design of appropriate roof ventilation is a specialty of the pros at Southpaw Roofing in Augusta GA and Charleston SC. Call or go online today!