Metal Roofing in Augusta, GA

If you need to replace the roof on your home, business, or commercial building, call Southpaw Roofing in Augusta GA. Our company offers metal roofing installation services to a variety of clients throughout the Greater Augusta, Georgia area. We’re happy to work with Residential homeowners, Real Estate Developers, Farmers, Agricultural Companies, Manufacturing, Industrial Distributors, and Business Owners as one of their preferred metal roofing contractors.

Our partnerships with reputable metal roofing suppliers allow us to offer many metal roofing solutions including:



PBR Panels




Rib Panels


High Rib Panels


Advantage/AG Panels


Trim Components

As local metal roofing contractors, you can rely on our skilled and experienced team to assemble and install an efficient, attractive, and durable roofing system. We use your exact specifications to customize your roofing package, and our roofers ensure precision in your roofing system installation.

The Benefits Of Metal Roofing Augusta GA

Metal roofing is a logical solution for commercial, agricultural, and residential applications. Because metal is durable, it is an excellent roofing material. Metal roofs can last as much as three times longer than traditional shingles and have very low maintenance requirements after installation.

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With a long service life, metal roofing systems are incredibly effective at combatting against normal wear and tear from extreme weather conditions and exposure. Unlike shingles, metal roofing never deteriorates.

Further, this roofing material offers cost-savings over time because they are energy efficient and provide additional insulation. With a Cool Roof Rating, our Roofing Systems help keep your facilities cooler during hot months and warmer during the colder months.

From the extremely low maintenance durability of vinyl siding to the long-lasting natural charm of cedar shakes we advise you every step of the way to find the most fitting style for your home. A variety of siding materials are on the market in several configurations and shades of color. Vinyl siding is the used by the majority of homeowners because it’s affordable and it takes care of itself.

Choosing The Right Metal Roofing System

Adding a new roof represents a significant investment in your property. You’ll want to be sure that you extract the most value from this expense. To meet the needs of all customers, we offer a number of panels from which to choose. Our metal roofing experts are happy to explain the advantages and benefits and advantages of each type of roofing system in more detail.

Here is a brief overview of our Roofing System offerings:

At Southpaw, we understand your trust is earned – and our experience shows we know the hard work it takes to earn it. We are top tier of a premier network of roofing professionals dedicated to service, reliability and professional craftsmanship. We are ready to help you!
PBR Panels
PBR Panels are a staple metal roofing system. Versatile and customizable, these panels are ideal for agricultural and commercial buildings. Our installation services support either horizontal and vertical layouts. Further, this material is perfect for wall applications. These panels are suitable for open framing and solid substrate applications and available in aluminum or steel.
R Panels
An R panel is an affordable and attractive panel that protects your home or business from extreme weather conditions. They are a smart investment because they look terrific, are low maintenance, and improve energy efficiency. This durable roofing alternative offers additional protection from elements, sealing out drafts and moisture.
Rib Panels
Rib Panels are high-quality steel roofing panels that are clean, crisp, and eye-catching. Available in a variety of colors, customers have nearly limitless options for configuration needs. This material is ideal for use at retail businesses, in agricultural applications, and on residential homes. In many cases, this material gets used not only for roofing but also for siding. With the ability to combine colors, rib panels provide a uniform and attractive appeal.
Trim Components
Southpaw Roofing provides Augusta GA clients with metal roofing kits, trim components, and installation services. Our metal roofing experts are available to help you select custom roofing trim components to optimize your roofing system. Based on your project, we can recommend eave rakes, drip edges, an end wall, side wall, fascia, w-valley pieces, ridge caps, wall flashing, outside corner, and j-channels. By installing these components, you are taking steps to assure that your new roofing system works perfectly.

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If you need an affordable and durable roof in Augusta, Georgia, give the experts at Southpaw a call first! Our experienced and friendly team of metal roofing installers are happy to help you select and install the best metal roofing systems available on the market today!

As professional metal roofing contractors, we always offer free estimates on materials and metal roof installation services.

In addition to serving clients in Augusta GA, we’re happy to work with customers inWaynesboro GA, Evans GA, Grovetown GA, Martinez GA and the entire CSRA. Call Southpaw Roofing today for a free estimate at (706) 860-6650.

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