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Roof Winterization Checklist

Getting your roof ready for winter should be a regular part of your ongoing home maintenance. Winter cold, ice, and snow all take a toll on your roof, so it’s always a good idea to observe the condition of your roof before each winter season.

When you live in a moderate climate, it can be easy to put off winterizing your roof. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, though. You may not have to worry about several inches of snow and ice on your roof, but that doesn’t mean the winter elements don’t pack a wallop.

Please reference the following checklist to make sure the roof over your head is prepared for whatever the winter has to throw its way.


Before the winter weather arrives, check the condition of your roof. Be on the lookout for broken, bent, or missing roofing tiles or shingles. Not only are damaged shingles easy to spot, but they can also be indicators of more extensive damage.

While inspecting your roofing shingles, make sure not to overlook where spaces where the shingles meet. Also, check the condition of your roof’s flashings. Flashings are the metal or rubber fixtures that keep rain from getting into the spaces around your chimney, vents, or skylights. If you see any damage, contact a licensed, professional roofing company right away.

Checking your roof’s shingles and flashings is a big part of visually inspecting your roof, but don’t put your ladder away yet. Be sure to remove any branches that may have fallen on your roof. Then, trim any branches that hang over your roof, as these may fall and cause damage during a winter storm.

Finally, remove any leaves that have fallen on your roof. It may seem a small thing, but leaves left on your roof can contribute to clogged gutters.


Cleaning and visually inspecting your gutters is another great way to protect your roof during winter. Clogged gutters can cause leaks, which can lead to ruined property, unhealthy mold, and even structural damage.

To properly clean your gutters, first, remove any debris you can get by hand. You’ll want to use gloves, of course, and tools such as gutter scoops can make the job easier. Once you’ve removed what you can, use a hose, or even better, a powerwasher, to remove caked debris and sludge.

Pay attention as you flush the debris from your gutters to the flow of water. If water isn’t flowing down the downspout, odds are there’s a clog there you can’t see. Use a coat hanger, or if need be, a plumber’s snake to clear your downspout.

Consider investing in screens, or gutter guards, to make this part of winterizing your roof quicker and easier.


The next step in getting your roof ready for winter is to inspect your attic, paying particular attention to the insulation. Be sure to check that it is dry; wet insulation may be a sign of a leak. Check to make sure this isn’t the case, then replace any wet insulation as soon as possible.

While your checking your insulation, be sure that it isn’t partially or entirely covering any vents.


Inspecting your roof may sound easy enough, and you may be considering doing it yourself. Before you do, consider the following. First, there are many signs of wear and damage professional roofers are trained to find. Some damage, like bent and broken roofing shingles, may be easy to spot; the same can’t be said for all roof damage.

Professional roofers are also accustomed to working on pitched roofs and know the safest ways to move about as they work. One misstep while working on your roof could result in serious bodily injury or even death.

Why take any chances? Winterizing your roof is very important, but it’s a job best left to the pros. The best way to protect your roof during winter is always to leave it in the hands of experienced professionals like the folks at Southpaw Roofing.


As winter weather is tough on your roof, it only makes sense to make necessary repairs a part of your yearly winterizing routine. Be sure only ever to use a fully licensed and experienced roofing company like Southpaw Roofing

Your roof has an essential job to perform all year long, protecting you from the elements. A good coach wouldn’t send an athlete into a clutch situation unless they were in top form; don’t let your roof face winter unless it’s in fighting trim.

When it’s time to winterize your roof, trust the experts at Southpaw Roofing. With well over thirty years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining all manner of residential and commercial roofing systems, Southpaw know exactly how to prepare your roof for winter.

Don’t wait until winter is here. Call Southpaw Roofing today to schedule a roof inspection, or visit online at Southpaw Roofing.

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