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The Benefits of Having a Roof Inspection To Assess Storm Damage

For many of us, our homes will be the single most significant investment we make in our lifetimes. Having a roof over our heads and a dry, comfortable space to call home is a key component of the American dream, and we work hard to make it a reality.

So what can you do when the roof over your head begins to leak following a storm? Or when heavy winds and rain have damaged or even removed roofing shingles?

The answer, of course, is to make a storm damage roof repair claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. Before you do, though, consider seriously the many benefits of having a professional roof inspection prior to involving your insurance company. A professional roofing company can:


During a professional roof inspection for storm damage, the first thing an inspector will assess is whether your roof has sustained any structural damage that may affect its stability. The inspector will visually inspect all supports to be sure they haven’t buckled. In some cases, supports may have shifted, leaving portions of your roof vulnerable and even structurally unsound.

Assessing the stability of your roof is an integral part of the roof inspection process, especially if a storm has caused tree limbs and branches to fall on your house.


Heavy rains, winds, and ice (among other things) can damage roofing shingles. Sometimes the damage is apparent, as when shingles warp, come loose, begin to curl at the ends, or even fall off the house. Other times, though, the damage is not as easy to see. A professional roof inspector can assess the damage to your shingles and give you an idea of how much life is left in them.


You might think it would be impossible to miss a leak in your roof; after all, the primary function of a roof is to keep you dry. Much the same as damage to roofing shingles, though, leaks in your roof may not be evident until the next big storm. By that time, of course, it will be too late.

While performing a professional roof inspection for storm damage, inspectors will check for any openings that require repair. By carefully inspecting all spaces, corners, joints, and connectors on your roof, a professional inspector will be able to identify any leaks and even potential leaks in your roof.

A leak in your roof that goes unrepaired will only get worse over time, causing further damage that will be more costly to fix.


When most people think of roof damage, they think of leaks or damage to roofing shingles. Professional roof inspectors know that it’s just as important to assess any damage to your roof’s insulation following storm damage.

A professional roof inspector will let you know if the insulation around a storm-damaged area has been damaged, and if so, how badly.


Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle at best and a nightmare at worst. Having a professional roofing company inspect your roof can be highly beneficial if you need to file a storm damage roof repair claim with your insurance company.

For one thing, having a professional inspection of your roof will support any insurance claims you need to make. Having a professional estimate of the repairs necessary will also help ensure you receive enough compensation from your insurance company to have any and all necessary repairs done correctly.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Suppose you’ve sustained storm damage to your roof. In that case, professional roofers like the experts at Southpaw Roofing Augusta GA and Charleston SC can even submit the insurance paperwork for you so that the repairs can begin as soon as possible.

Storm damage to your roof can come in a variety of forms, many of which are not readily visible to the untrained eye. Having a professional roofer inspect your roof after a storm before you contact your insurance company can save you a lot of time and potential headaches.

If you believe your roof has been damaged by sustained winds, rain, ice, or falling limbs, don’t assume the damage to be merely cosmetic. For safety’s sake, as well as your own peace of mind, contact experienced, licensed roofing professionals like the folks at Southpaw Roofing Augusta Ga and Charleston SC to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible.