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Water Spots on the Ceiling – Common Roofing Problems

Water Spots on the Ceiling Can Mean Big Trouble

Many homeowners may not know the cause of water spots on the ceiling. They may dismiss this as a cosmetic concern and put it on their to-do list for later. However, ignoring the spots, regardless of their size can quickly become a costly problem. Calling about water damage roof repair at the first sign of a leak can save time and money.

Understanding Potential Causes

The cause of water spots on the ceiling is of course associated with some type of water damage. While we at Southpaw Roofing commonly see this with a leaking roof, sometimes the cause is not immediately apparent. These additional causes can include but are not limited to:

  • Plumbing Issues
  • Faulty Appliances
  • Accidental Spills/Overflow

In these cases, it is possible for water to pool in a space above, especially if the dwelling has an upstairs.

Getting Rid of Water Spots

The first thing you may think of is about getting rid of the water spots by painting over them or putting up a new piece of ceiling panel. This is not a remedy to the situation. If the problem that caused the water to pool is not corrected, the leaking will continue. Attempting to paint over it can also prove to be dangerous as the ceiling in that area becomes weakened and may fall as a result.

Correcting the Problem the Right Way

We at Southpaw Roofing understand how frustrating it can be when water spots on the ceiling seemingly come out of nowhere, but we can help. Our friendly and professional team can come out to the home to inspect the damage and review the options and costs with you. In some cases, we are even able to work with your insurance company to ensure that there is no huge out-of-pocket expense. Whether you have just noticed these troublesome spots or they have been lingering for awhile, visit our website here for more information.